When can I jump?

The Majority of airfields operate weekends, but there are some that open weekdays too if you’d prefer! We usually recommend you book a couple of months ahead to ensure you get the date you’re after, however some airfields can fit you in a lot sooner. If you’d like to call us to check availability we’re waiting for your call!

Where Can I jump?

We work with lots of popular airfields all over the UK. You can select your favourite when booking in, or if you’re confused take a look at the map here to check your closest one. All of our airfields are BPA affiliated.

Will I be able to have my jump filmed?

A video is a brilliant way to remember your day! All of our airfields offer a video filmed by your very own freefalling cameraman, these can be booked on the day of your jump at a cost of around £100*. Stills of the video may also be available on the day for you too! *Cost ranges from £95-£140 depending on the airfield. Our Whitchurch airfield asks jumpers to book their video in advance.

What do I do if my chosen charity isn’t on the list?

If you can’t see your charity on the list don’t panic, you can still book your skydive! You would need to pay your own jump costs and deposit - any fundraising you can donate to your chosen charity directly. Alternatively if they want to sign up with us they’re more than welcome to!

Can I fundraise online?

Yes you can! If your chosen charity uses our doitforcharity pages then you can raise your jump costs and your sponsorship on here. As long as you reach your target on the page you won’t need to bring anything on the day.

If you are using another online page, we need to know the link to this to track your progress so please let us know when you’re all booked in!

If you want to raise funds offline then that’s fine too –all details of costs will be in your confirmation email.

How do I get my deposit back?

Once you’ve raised your £395 you are more than welcome to reimburse yourself the £70 deposit that you paid to book in. This can only be reimbursed from your cash sponsors; it cannot come from any online fundraising.

Are there any age restrictions on Skydiving?

The minimum age you can skydive is 16 (with parental consent), a few airfields have an upper age limit too – if you want to check yours just give us a call!

What are the medical restrictions?

A medical form will be sent out in your confirmation email – there are two medical forms in total. Every jumper needs to read through form 115A and if any of the medical issues on there apply to them they will need to get the second form, form 115B signed by a doctor. If none of the medical issues apply then you would just need to self sign form 115A. Which ever form you have had signed you will need to bring along on the day to the airfield. All forms must be printed double sided and anyone without a form you will not be able to jump on the day.

What are the weight limits?

For a tandem parachute the weight limit is usually around 15 stone, some airfields have a higher limit, and some lower – please double check your chosen airfield’s weight limit if you think you may be over.