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You could be freefalling from 10,000 feet in just a couple of days!

Parachuting and Skydiving are without doubt one of the most thrilling activities you can ever take part in as the comments below illustrate - so find out more...

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"Thank you so much for arranging my first ever parachute jump - what a sensation!"
John Barry - Newton Abbott

"I have never experienced anything like it. It was literally the most the most exhilarating experience of my life."
David Mitchell - London

"A special thanks to Skyline - it was the best"
Trudie Grattan - Surrey

"It was brilliant - a most exhilarating experience!"
Pam - Wakefield

"Breath-taking and totally addictive - DO IT!"
Richard Thompson - Purley

"The happiest day in my whole life!"
Leila Stevenson (aged 77) - Bournemouth