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If you have completed a parachute jump or skydive for charity with Skyline then we would love to hear from you and showcase your story!

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“I did a Tandem Skydive to raise money for the British Lung Foundation. What an amazing experience. Big Shout out to Bryan the Brummie! What a Fab instructor :)”

Cheryl Wilkinson

“01.09.2013 What a truly amazing day, the feeling of falling though the air is like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. my instructor Dave was Great made me feel very relaxed, and Joe that took the photo's was great. if your Jumping for the first time, The Photographer is a MUST the Videos and Photos are Amazing Thank you JOE. ”

ASHFORD, Middlesex

“I did a tandem skydive on 14th August 2011 for my 21st birthday at Swindon Airfield. It was an absolutely brilliant experience, probably the best thing I've ever done, I couldn't stop smiling afterwards! I didn't feel too nervous beforehand, simply because the team there were so professional and my instructor Ricky made me feel comfortable and confident, I just couldn't wait to jump! Totally worth doing, I would definitely do it again! I also had my skydive filmed on DVD by Pieter which I received yesterday and it's brilliant! THANKS!”


“My husband and I both did our tandem skydives on 12th May 2012 at Netheravon in Salisbury, to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care. Words just can not express the amazing buzz you get from leaping out a plane and falling through the sky at 120mph! Absolutely AWESOME!! Huge thanks to our amazing instructors who made our day an unforgettably brilliant experience! Gina & Sean Crees”


“I did my first tandem skydive on the 11th feb 2012 at Nottingham. I have always been terrified of heights but thought that doing it for charity would be worth it. My chosen charity wa Dogs Trust, as I am a massive dog lover. The whole experience was amazing and the view was breath taking! I would recommend skydiving to anyone who is thinking of doing it. Huge thank you to everyone at Skyline for organizing my event and a huge thank you to my instructor Dave ”

Long Eaton

“I'm 52 and have been diagnosed with breast cancer 2 yes ago.I also lost my mum to BC at the age of 51,so I wanted to raise money for cancer research.if all pledges are collected I should raise in the region of £1,000.I did a tandem jump at Langar with Dan as my instructor,he was fabulous and really made me feel at ease and wow!what an experience it was,I am desperate to do it again,and I now have a little crush on my hunky instructor who held my life in his hands!!”


“I did my 13,000ft tandem skydive on 30/6/2011 for the charity 'Pancreatic Cancer UK', as a friend had lost his battle to this cancer on that date a year before. The jump itself was totally indescribable. The view, when the parachute went up, was absolutely breathe taking. Everyone thinks I am nuts, not only because of the heights, but because I'm 17!! I would most definitely do it again sometime.”


“16th march 2013 I lost someone very special to dad! He very suddenly passed away at age 52. I wanted then to do something good for charity and raise money for a special course close to my heart so that's when I thought. "I know I'll do a sponsored sky dive" I got in touch with sky line who were amazing and set my date for the sky dive 3rd August 2013. As the day approached I was doing vey well with my sponsor money but wanted to raise more so by 3rd August the day of my sky dive I had raised over £700 for heartswell foundation. I done my skydive at dunkerswell airfield from 15,000 feet. It was the best experience of my life. I want to thank everyone at the airfield. Best bit of all my instructors name was ANDY exactly the same name as my amazing dad. Thank you skyline so much xx”


“I have always wanted to do a jump,so at 35 with 3 kids I thought it was about time mommy did something usefull.I did a charity jump in July 2011 and it made such a impact on my life,,I am now further planning to jump again.Thankyou to all the team who made my dream happen ;) I will be back!”

Laura Jade

“I completed my first (but definately not my last) skydive on 19/11/11. it was the most amazing feeling ever and i am now planning on taking the aff course! many thanks to Simon my cameraman, and Cess my incredible instructor!”